Duality EP

by TraumaxQueen

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released October 5, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tyler Washington



all rights reserved


TraumaxQueen South Carolina

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Track Name: Intro (Duality)
Life gave me pain but I still survived
Looking to my future like I'm standing on knives
Haunted by a past that I can't regret
I didn't ask for this life I've had to live

Where is your mind?
Will you cut your ties?
Living in spite
Until the end of time
Track Name: Test Me
A friend or a fucking foe?
The consent was in her clothes
If she's asleep she'll never know
You can deny and refuse
But you can't hide the truth

No means fucking no
Your lack of self control
Ain't an excuse yet you choose
To take the trust that I used to know

If you thought for a single second
That I would give myself to you
You've got it twisted,
Deliberately misconstrued

Can't fuck with you

A plague to the world
A fucking waste is your existence
To fake consent of a girl
Disguised as a friend but a snake in the end

Do you know what it's like when the world is out to get you?
Labeled by a thief for the rest to come and test you
Guarded by your friends like a hornet in the nest
You're a fucking rapist
That's a life you chose to live
Track Name: Bitter (ft. Nick of Trudge)
Numb to the feeling, not a single regret
I keep on moving, but I'll never forget

Weighing me down, sucking me dry
I just keep moving, with my head held high

Forced to make it on my own
Nowhere to look in troubled times
Forced to make it on my own

Because time
Won't wait
For you
Your reality is anything but true
Time won't wait

Was burdened by
The things I had seen
They had such a tight fucking grip on me

Put a fist through
All that I knew
Turned the corner
Paved my own road

Help yourself you're fucking spineless
Feeding on other's open hearts and minds
Praying to a god that doesn't exist
Those fucked up morals will lead you blind

If you're throwing shade my way
Then it's fuck you
You can't bring me down
Here's a kick in the teeth
From the ones who dare to speak
You can't put me down
Track Name: Smack
Every fucking empty promise
All the times you could have tried
For every single lesson learned
Just to get your fucking high

You took the easy way out

A slave to the mindset
A prisoner at all costs
I heard you're dancing with the devil
Sold your soul to escape your loss

You've got your head in the clouds
There's nothing left for you now

Band it off, stop the flow
Collapse the shit, take the blow
Your demons won't save you when you're buried six below

The real you. the truth, the woman I'll never be
Quiet for eternity

Like every single lie
This will find you
And when it does
You can read it and weep